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OCEAN REEF has made many appearances on some of your favorite TV shows. Including shows on Shark Week, Mythbusters featuring Andy Savage, Jamie Hyneman and Luke Tipple, Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe featuring Jeremiah Sullivan, and SciFi's Destination Truth with Josh Gates.

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Cinematographer Tom CampbellAfter making appearances is numerous television programs including Discovery Channel's 'Dirty Jobs' and CSI: Miami (Season 3, Episode 9), it was time for the Neptune Space to make the jump to the big screen for the feature film Breathe!

Breathe! features the film work of award-winning marine cinematographer Tom Campbell, who's harrowing diving experience is also the inspiration for the film. In the movie, a lobster diving trip in the Channel Islands turns into disaster for three divers who, after becoming disoriented, get swept deeper and deeper into an unknown cave system. After finding a stale air pocket and realizing no rescue is imminent, the protagonist makes a last-ditch effort to reach the surface...

The Neptune Space mask makes its debut at the film's midpoint and is seen on-screen throughout the rest of the movie.

Directed and produced by famed actor Don Murray, Breathe! made its premiere at the Santa Barbara Film Festival in January 2008 and has since appeared at other festivals. The film has won rave reviews for its underwater cinematography, which was shot completely in high-definition.

Click here to view the trailer.

For more information about Tom Campbell and his award-winning company, visit his web site: www.tomcampbell.com

The Neptune Space caught on film...

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